As a residential student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, you are a member of the Resident Students Association. If you are a freshman just entering the University, you may ask yourself "What is the Resident Students Association or RSA?" Continuing students may ask themselves the same question. This website will introduce you to the Resident Students Association, and give you a feel for what this student organization has to offer you as one of its members.

The mission statement for RSA states, "The Resident Students Association of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is an advocate for the issues and passions of an on campus residents in order to promote an appreciation of housing and residence life and the well-being of our community." RSA serves as a representative body within the University to identify and make known the needs of resident students. Helping to make residence life better on campus each Hall Council sends representatives to the RSA meetings held every week. As a diverse body from all over campus, we strive to make your residential experience the best! 

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